Growing up, i’ve always had an artistic niche and took interest in crafts. Before starting my own business, I worked as an optician for 14 years where I worked with luxury eyewear brands and clients on a daily basis.
One day I decided I was ready for a change! I decided to invest into my own ideas, and on October 4, 2016, Ch0ked was born. It began as a handmade choker company which is where the name ‘Ch0ked’ came from. This new adventure was terrifying as most new business owners can relate to. Fear forced me to temporarily take a hiatus, so for months I just sat back and designed. In May 2017, Ch0ked relaunched and I had new creative juices flowing. I was then designing new chokers weekly, and by August 2017, I was a full time entrepreneur and my focus was strictly Ch0ked. As an artist, my creative mind wanted more so I began designing tassel earrings. As business continued to grow, I added more accessories to the collection. I’d say my mindset and hustler mentality has taken my life and business to places I’ve always prayed for.
Trust your process!
- Ericka K